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Zoom Tipsheets


Zoom Tipsheets for New Class Participants


     How to join a class in Zoom.pdf

       Zoom Buttons: Microphone and Camera.pdf

     Zoom Buttons: Gallery and Speaker View.pdf

     Raise your Digital Hand.pdf

     iPad User Guide to Zoom.pdf

     iPhone User Guide to Zoom.pdf


Zoom Tipsheets for Class Instructors


     Schedule Meetings in Zoom.pdf

     Creating a Zoom Meeting.pdf

Quick Guide Waiting Room.pdf

     Zoom Waiting Room Settings.pdf

     Co-Host in Zoom.pdf

     Zoom Speaker-Audio Update - (How to stop audio             feedback noise in a meeting.) September 18, 2023

     Spotlight a video as the host of a Zoom session.pdf

     Spotlighting Participants Video (more).pdf

     Pinning Participants Windows.pdf

     Share Screen and Sharing YouTube.pdf

     Sharing Screen (2) with Resizing Application Window       Tips.pdf

     Zoom Security Shield Information.pdf

How to save Chat messages and Transcripts in a               Recorded Meeting


Zoom Login for Instructors (when using a validated university email account.)
       Check your Personal Zoom ID Number.pdf



Really, Really Useful Information for Instructors and Zoom Hosts!


        "Keep Calm and Carry On" Managing Zoom & UMS Email

        1. Managing Apple privacy settings to allow screen sharing

        2. Managing Apple settings for screen sharing: Ventura OS

Update Zoom

       Zoom Updates Guide.pdf


Fun stuff for Instructors - (Zoom Help Center)

         Managing Breakout Rooms (basics)


            All You Need to Know About Using Zoom Breakout Rooms

         Managing Breakout Rooms

         Polling for Meetings


         Sharing a whiteboard

         Virtual backgrounds

         Starting the Zoom Desktop Client

University of Maine System (UMS) Zoom Resources

        UMS Zoom Resources & Support


        Meeting and Webinar Passcodes

        Managing two Zoom accounts (eg, Basic & Pro + UMS)

        Zoom Videos in Kaltura Guide 



Helpful links for instructors (sent in by other senior college instructors!)

"Here are the instructions (from CSU Fullerton) for taking attendance after a Zoom meeting. I tried it out, and it worked fine." Shared by Ann Sullivan UMASC






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