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The 1913 Armory Show and Its Ripples in Maine: Popular Farnsworth Docents Carter Jones Meyer and Chris Williamson will return to UMASC with a presentation focused on the shocking 1913 Armory Show.

UMASC participants who have virtually "toured the Farnsworth Museum" with Carter and Chris over the past three years will recall how often they have mentioned that an artist “was in the Armory Show.” Carter and Chris thought it would be fun to actually take a deep dive into the Armory Show: who organized it, who exhibited, why it was so important, and how did it impact art in Maine? Prior attendance in one of the earlier tours is not a prerequisite!

All lectures are free and open to the public, so spread the word and invite your friends to join us! Winter lectures will be Zoom only, so no worries about winter driving.

Jan. 23       Chris Williamson     The 1913 Armory Show and Its Ripples in Maine

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Photo: Armory Show. (2023, October 1). In Wikipedia.

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