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Resist-Accept-Direct: Managing Resources in Acadia National Park in a Rapidly Changing Climate

Acadia National Park is measurably different than it was at its founding 105 years ago. Temperatures have warmed, rainfall has intensified, snowpack has diminished, and sea level has risen. These types of changes are likely to continue or even accelerate and they have dramatic but sometimes difficult to see impacts on the natural and cultural resources of the Park. Management of those resources needs to take into account the changes we have already experienced and those we anticipate in the coming decades.

The Resist-Accept-Direct framework, adopted by the National Park Service and Friends of Acadia, helps managers understand where resistance to the impacts of climate change makes sense, where accepting those changes is the best alternative, and where directing the change may be an option in helping guide those changes. This discussion will focus on an overview of the changes we’ve seen in the park, changes we anticipate in the near term, the Resist-Accept-Direct framework, and some examples of how that framework is applied.

This discussion will be facilitated by Abe Miller-Rushing, the Science Coordinator at Acadia National Park, and Brian Henkel, coordinator for the Wild Acadia initiative, a collaboration between Acadia National Park and Friends of Acadia.

Friday, March 18, 2022 at Noon

This free event is presented by Acadia Senior College and is open to everyone.

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