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FOMO - Don't be the one to miss out! Register now for PVSC Winter Zoom openings!

Registration for the following Penobscot Valley Senior College Winter Zoom course ends on January 20, 2024.

SIX RIFFS ON THE BEATLES (6-week Zoom course)

Thursdays 1:30 - 3:30 beginning January 25, 2024

Join our popular returning instructor, Bob Tredwell, as he takes you through his ever-intriguing thoughts of music eras.

Here's a puzzle:  Nobody knows all the music that was popular when he or she was in high school.  But if you hear an unfamiliar tune, you can tell if it’s “your music.”  Everybody can do this—no matter whether “your music” is Steven Foster or Sammy Kaye or The Beatles or LL Cool J.  Frank Sinatra refused to sing Beatles’ songs:  it wasn’t “his” music.  What do we hear when we hear a musical style?  Let’s make the Beatles’ style our test case and see if we can pin down what made their music distinctive!

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