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Opportunities, Challenges, and Trends that Impact Aging in Maine (6-week Zoom course)


Dr Lenard Kaye. Director of the University of Maine Center on Aging

March 30 - May 4, 1:30-3:30

This course explores several prominent trends and developments that have significant implications for influencing the quality of the experience of growing older in Maine. The rapid advance of web-based and other smart technologies, the popularity of encore careers, ways to reduce your risk of becoming socially isolated and lonely during the pandemic, and making sure you benefit from the growing number of age-friendly communities, healthcare, and universities will all be considered.

You will also learn where you can turn for help and resources to enable you to take full advantage of the latest advances in living healthful and satisfying lives in the Pine Tree State.

Register by March 25th at Or call (207) 659-1359 to have the PVSC membership fee adjusted.

Instructor: Lenard (Len) Kaye

Dr. Lenard W. Kaye is Professor of Social Work at the University of Maine School of Social Work and Director of the University of Maine Center on Aging. A prolific writer in the field of health care and aging, he has published approximately 200 journal articles and book chapters and 17 books on specialized topics in aging including social isolation, home health care, productive aging, rural practice, family caregiving, controversial issues in aging, support groups for older women, and congregate housing. His pioneering research and writing on older men’s caregiving experiences and help-seeking behaviors, is widely recognized and frequently cited. His recent books include Social Isolation of Older Adults: Strategies to Bolster Health and Well-Being, Springer Publishing Company (2019) and the Handbook of Rural Aging, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group (2021).

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