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Barebones Broadband — Survive the internet wilderness

Presented by South Coast Senior College

Barebones Broadband — Survive the internet wilderness

Free Class!

Today in Maine, the internet is the question of the day. With hundreds of millions of federal dollars flowing to help build our network, people have lots of questions. Folks are asking: Is Maine really that far behind? Why is broadband so important anyway? Why does it cost so much? And how does it work?

In our presentation, we will dive into these questions and keep you informed on one of the most pressing topics for everyday life in our state. Please bring your questions and feel free to pepper us with them. We like to be kept on our toes!

Sam Naumann is Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator: AARP Maine & Maine Broadband Coalition.

Clara McCool is a Broadband Equity Fellow – AmeriCorps / Greater Portland Council of Governments

Friday, Feb 18, 10-11 am

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