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Why is Maine a Great Place to Launch a Rocket?

In the April Food for Thought program sponsored by USM/LA Senior College Sascha Deri will explain the advantages to launching a rocket from Maine, and the many uses for small satellites in space.

Sascha is the founder and CEO of bluShift Aerospace, an innovative company in Brunswick, ME that is not only creating the rockets to launch a variety of sizes of satellites, but also powering them with sustainably sourced bio-derived fuel! Their fuel mitigates the detrimental environmental impact that comes from traditional rocket motors.

As you may have heard, bluShift recently had a successful launch of Stardust 1 from Loring Air Force Base. Currently they are working on Stardust 2 - where is it going and what will it do?

Sascha will explain the many uses for having small satellites, such as research, expanding broadband, etc. So, tune in and get ready for the future. This presentation will be shown on Zoom at 4 PM on Friday April 16. To attend, email us at Be sure to send your email by noon on April 15 and mention the program you wish to see.

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