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What’s for Dinner in 1820: A Bicentennial Look at Maine Food

Presented by Columnist, Food Writer and Historian Sandy Oliver

Another day, another meal to cook! With dining out becoming rarer during this ongoing pandemic, we find we are focusing more on preparing daily meals. In the 200 years since Maine became a state in 1820, food preparation has changed a lot. In this presentation, participants will explore what Mainers ate, and why, in the early 1800s, and over the course of the session, track Maine’s foodways into the 21st century. We will use Maine community cookbooks and books by some prominent Maine cookbook writers of the mid-20th century.

Participants are invited to bring an old family recipe from the past. Sandy lives on Islesboro, where she gardens, preserves, cooks, and teaches sustainable lifeways.

One day session, no class limit, November 19th, from 9:30 to noon.

Register at $10.00 fee.

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