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Watching the Pot: TV Cooking Shows

OLLI Popup Fun!

Join this OLLI Popup! - Feb 22 4:30 - 5:30pm

From Dione Lucas to Julia Child and now everywhere on TV, cooking shows are trying to tell us something. What are your favorites, and why? Which cooking hosts do you trust and recommend? What do you think of cooking turned cooking on TV into bloodsport with all those vicious competitions like Iron Chef?

Host: Sandra Garson Biography:

Food enthusiast Sandra Garson has published, along with two cookbooks, for numerous food-related entities, including various print magazines,,, ZEST, and a blog (How To Fix A Leek. As Nana Chef, she teaches kids kitchen confidence. She also ran an international charity, Veggiyana, to get food, gardens, and nutrition lessons to Buddhist monastics and schoolchildren.

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