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Voting Rights

The University of Maine in Augusta Senior College invites you to hear from Secretary of State Shenna Bellows.

Tuesday, Feb. 22 • 1:00 PM


Secretary of State Bellows is “working on a vision of a future where every voter can register and cast their vote at a time and place that works for them.”

On Jan. 4, 2021, Shenna Bellows was sworn in as Maine’s 50th Secretary of State. She is the first woman to serve as Maine’s Secretary of State, a role that involves overseeing elections as well as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Maine State Archives.

Shenna will speak on all three of these areas with special emphasis on elections and voting rights. There will be time allotted for questions and answers at the end of the lecture.

Presenter: Shenna Bellows, Secretary of State

Secretary Bellows previously served two terms in the Maine Senate from 2016-2020, representing 11 towns in southern Kennebec County. In the Maine Senate, she served as Senate Chair of the Labor and Housing Committee and served on the Judiciary Committee. She was a 2020 presidential elector in the Electoral College.

Secretary Bellows most recently led the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine as executive director from 2018 to 2020. Previously, she owned Bellows & Company, a non-profit consulting business, where she worked with organizations such as the Sierra Club’s Maine Chapter, Consumers for Affordable Healthcare and the Maine Women’s Lobby. She also served as interim executive director of LearningWorks. In 2014, Secretary Bellows was the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Maine.

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