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Unearth your next MSC course . . .

12 new courses begin week of February 13

Registration opens January 23

* Shakespeare's Henry V, Broadway's Hamilton, and the Uses of History by Richard Welsh * The World According to Carp: The Marvelous Richness of Animal Sensory Perception by Fred Cichocki * What Evaporates from all Translations: The Poetry of Robert Frost by John Haile * The Journey from Climate Doom to Active Hope by Thomas White * Paris and the World by Jayne Boisvert * Being Female: A New Perspective by Barbara Snapp

* Creating a Global Community by Joseph de Rivera * Could Amy Gutmann's Philosophy of Education Help Repair Our Republic? by Bruce Hauptli * Rebalancing in the Midst of Uncertainty by Susan Mikesell and Ann Kimmage

* Getting to Know the Lower Kennebec Valley by Bud Warren * Bach's Best by Peter Griffin * Lost and Found in the Deep Blue Sea by Vincent Capone

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