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UMaine in Augusta Senior College has open seats in three upcoming lectures!

These seats are open to members of other senior colleges in the network!

Image: Anonymous - Album Containing Twelve Paintings of Insects - Metropolitan Museum of Art The University of Maine in Augusta Senior College announces three lectures with spaces! Click on the lecture titles below for more information and to register. Maine Public Education: Then & Now Instructor: Jerry Nault Maine Seniors may have fond or even vivid memories of their elementary and high school experiences. For many, that’s seventy or more years ago, and today’s student is experiencing a vastly different education world. We’ll review major changes over that time span and highlight important events that have influenced how Maine students take instruction in the 21st century. Tuesday, August 15, 1-2:30 pm Minnesota’s Own: The Life and Legacy of Walter Mondale Instructor: Mike Bell A quiet, dogged leader for many years, Walter Mondale would rise from a stunning electoral defeat to answer his country’s call to public service once again. Thursday, August 27. 10-11:30 am Insect Collapse​ Instructor: Frank Drummond While it might not seem like it as you are being bitten by mosquitoes while trying to weed the garden, insect populations are declining globally. Frank Drummond will explain what is happening and the impact it will have on us. Tuesday, September 1, 1-2:30 pm Artwork courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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