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This Year's Supreme Court Cases - A Joint Course given by South Coast & York County Senior Colleges

South Coast Senior College and York County Senior College are running this course together. Students can register in either Coursestorm catalog.

Description: We will look at twenty of the decisions from the 2020-2021 SCOTUS term. Topics will include health care coverage, religion, children's rights, international issues, pay for college athletes, gun seizures, and immigration. Class meetings will consist of mini-lectures, summaries of significant court cases, and open discussions of related contemporary issues.

Days: Fridays

Time: 1:00-3:00

Length: 6 weeks

Format: Zoom Starting: June 24

Your Instructor: Mike Berkowitz taught in daycare centers, elementary schools, and two colleges before finding his niche at senior college. He enjoys challenging folks to think in new ways.

Register through either of the following colleges:

This Year's Supreme Court Cases - South Coast Senior College

This Year's Supreme Court Cases - York County Senior College

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