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The History of Astronomy

Tuesday, February 20, 27, March 5, and 12 Fee: Free

Seniors Achieving Greater Education (SAGE) is offering this class.

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects. The science of astronomy has been around for about 8,500 years. It has been used to predict when to plant, to understand the passing of time, and to create mythology. By investigating astronomy from its roots in early Africa, the Middle East and China through today, we will look at the history of and our current knowledge of astronomy. We will also take time to look at the night sky during the class.

Jim Stepp has been interested in astronomy for over 50 years and has taught several SAGE classes, community classes, Cub Scout/Boy Scout classes. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Francis Malcolm Science Center specializing in astronomy and planetarium show production.

To register, click on the photo of the Francis Malcolm Science Center.

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