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Take a seat! A mindblowing class awaits YOU...

Midcoast Senior College has rolled out an additional 12 courses this fall! Explore a new interest, challenge your opinions, learn something new. Registration is as easy as pie. Did someone say PIE?!!

  • Dubliners

  • African-Americans: The Civil War and Aftermath

  • Italian Opera: From Monteverdi to Puccini

  • A Final Gift: Advance Directives

  • Ocean Energy: Tide Mills--A Once (and Future?) Thing

  • Let's Talk: Reckoning with Racism

  • MSC Singers: Folk Songs at Christmas

  • Introduction to Modern Architecture

  • The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins

  • Your Microbiome and You

  • Talking Trash in Today's World

  • The Rights of Native Peoples


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