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Summer's over, it's back to school for seniors

Midcoast Senior College has you covered with 13 exciting courses!

  • American Sign Language, Level I

  • Staff of Life: The Tyranny, Commodification, Industrialization, and Politics of Food

  • The Final Gift: Advance Directives

  • Plato's "Aristocratic and Authoritarian Republic" vs. Dewey's "Pragmatic Democrary"

  • Churchill's Politics

  • CRISPR, COVID, Morality, and Scientific Process

  • Tom Jones and Us

  • Afghanistan: South Asia and the United Nations to the Rescue? Solution?

  • Harnessing the Ocean's Power: Tide Mills in Maine and Elsewhere

  • Improving Your French

  • Struggles in the Valley: Understanding Social Conflicts of the Kennebec/Androscoggin Region, 1524-2021

  • A Self-Guided Nature Tour of Merrymeeting Bay

  • Our Common Purpose: Fixing Our Democracy


  • Thirteen on-line courses of 6- 8-weeks in length.

  • Term starts September 13, 2021.

  • Classes will meet virtually using Zoom. We offer free personal support and assistance to those who need help using Zoom.

  • Membership of MSC or a Maine senior college is required to register. Visit our for registration details.

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