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Sign-up for classes at Sunrise SC - Update!

Greetings to All Senior Colleges in Maine,

Sunrise Senior College wants to thank all those who have registered for our classes over the summer and into the fall. We have had a change in our on-line registration. We will no longer require members of other senior colleges to become a guest member of SSC.

We have made this change because of a joint decision made at a MSCN meeting. At that meeting there was a consensus among the senior colleges present not to verify the membership of those enrolling but rely on the honesty of those registering.

When you enroll in a course via our website, you will now simply be asked, “ Are you a current member of Sunrise Senior College?” You have three options yes, no, another senior college. Answer another senior college and go forward and register for our classes!

There are many great courses on the horizon including Bordering on Madness about Canada and US relations. So, check us out And enjoy the upcoming fall. Questions please contact us at 207 255-1384 or

See you all in class.

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