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Seniors Connecting With Children Through Reading

South Coast Senior College Press Release

Announcing awesome opportunity to learn about reading to children from a successful children's author in Houston, Texas! The time is coming when you will have the freedom to travel to read to your grandchildren in person or can now via Zoom!

Diann Floyd Boehm is a published children's author, YouTube Story Garden creator, a former teacher, and a new grandmother who loves reading and the enrichment it brings to children's lives....and to you as the reader!! Join Diann to learn more about quality children's literature and varying methods of reading to engage children!!

Register now for the two-part Zoom series beginning Feb. 9th at 2 pm.

and click on the "Register" button!

To see other South Coast Senior College offerings click on the following link:

Image: The front cover to the first book in Diann's "The Little Girl in the Moon" series.

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