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It’s back to school at UMA Senior College!

Augusta SC is open for registration! Our classes are free and open to all current members of a Maine Senior College. We are offering a mix of hybrid, just Zoom, and just in-person sessions this fall.

So come get a creativity booster shot! Or take photography, art, or acting. Maybe you’d like to learn to crochet, or is this an opportune moment to reconsider your budget? You might choose to learn about Maine’s architectural history or delve into current societal issues. Perhaps you’re interested in jazz or classic films. Learn about first ladies or discover the ways of paradox. Feel free to check our or Fall Classes and Lectures page. We think there’s something for everyone!


When you register, go to “Proceed to Checkout.” Under “Additional Information,” fill in the name of your senior college in the box labeled “Special request, other senior college, etc. (optional).

Click here to see all of our University of Maine in Augusta Fall Classes & Lectures List! (Arranged by the days of the week.)

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