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It is important to both remember and learn from the past.

Sunrise Senior College presents:


Presenter - Jackie O’Clair

Starting on May 2nd for the next 3 Mondays, Sunrise Senior College will be hosting a 90-minute Zoom session at 1 pm on AUSCHWITZ AND ITS ROLE IN THE FINAL SOLUTION OF THE NAZIS. It looks at the Auschwitz death camp and why it was chosen to play such a key role in the cruel, twisted scenario that the Nazis deemed as “The perfect solution to ridding the world of those they felt were inferior to them.”

Given the current lack of tolerance in the world around us, the relevance of a class dealing with the horrors of the holocaust being offered this spring through Sunrise Senior College could not be presented at a more appropriate time. We currently have Eastern Europe at war and along with current events taking place in NATO and the forces that promote intolerance in the United States and across the world, it’s important to both remember and learn from the past.

Using a recent visit made by the instructor in 2019, you will see first-hand the horrors of Auschwitz I and Birkenau (Auschwitz II) as they are today and were during the war.

You will begin to understand how the poison of marginalization affected Jews, Slavs, Catholics, Poles and Homosexuals turning them into a state of being seen as sub-human beings. This lie was then sold as the truth over and over to areas controlled by the Nazi regime and hatred was made an acceptable behavior in the society that they controlled.

We will also be watching several videos made by survivors and staff associated with the Auschwitz and U.S. Holocaust museums and Holocaust survivors with discussions sessions and questions to follow each session.

SSC has made arrangements for a live Holocaust survivor to speak to us in our last session. 92-year-old Rose Schindler lived the horrors of Birkenau as a teenager and she will tell her story and answer any questions on her life, the Holocaust and life at Auschwitz.

Sign up now and obtain the coursebook free of charge

You do not need to be a member of Sunrise Senior College to attend this event. So, invite your friends. There is a book that is required reading that will be supplied by SSC free of charge if you sign up before April 8th. We will try and make some arrangements to have several places where you can pick up your book once it is in.

Why not check us out and signup today? Visit our website and check us out.

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