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Don’t Let Hearing Loss Interfere with Communication with Friends and Family!

Lewiston-Auburn Senior College Present a Food for Thought Presentation on Monday, October 19 from 2:00 - 3:30 pm.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Interfere with Communication with Friends and Family! Most of us are probably unaware that one in three people in the United States between 65 and 74 experience hearing loss; or that hearing loss leads to social isolation and an increase in the likelihood of dementia. Chances are you know someone with hearing loss, or you may even be challenged by it yourself.

Did you know that hearing loss is only one of several disabilities that can make it difficult for someone to use the telephone? Want to learn more? Disability Rights Maine (DRM) Deaf Services can help, with adaptive equipment and assistance. Please join the Senior College’s new format of Food For Thought on October 19, 2020, for a talk by Debra Bare-Rogers, Lisa Penney, and Scott Murray, who will share information about distance communication technology.

Debra will talk about Maine Relay, a free service that assists people with various disabilities in using landline and internet-based relay services to enhance their access to telephone communication. Lisa will talk about DRM’s Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP) that provides adaptive equipment (including hearing aids) to low-income Mainers with any disability that impedes their ability to use a landline phone. Scott will talk about the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program, which provides phones, computers/tablets, and other equipment for people with significant combined vision and hearing loss.

In addition to program information, presenters will share general information about hearing loss, its prevalence, and some basic strategies for effective communication.

To join us: just email no later than Noon on October 18, 2020, include your name, the name of the event you want to sign up for and we’ll send you a link the morning of the event.

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