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"Climate Change: Problems, Solutions, Progress – Mainers Working Together"

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Mondays, March 21 – May 16, 2022 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Presented on Zoom

Are you tired of hearing endless sound bites about the world's climate change puzzle?

Penobscot Valley Senior College has drawn together leading professors, subject matter experts, and public sector leaders in Maine to help you get a good overall understanding of the crisis as well as hearing solutions and receiving guidance on what you can do to support the effort!

"Climate Change: Problems, Solutions, and Progress - Mainers Working Together."

In the sessions, we will explore:

  • Some of the science being relied on that demonstrates the need for action now.

  • Goals we must achieve to meet our climate targets, and

  • The likely impacts if we fail to reach these targets

  • A look at current and pending legislation,

  • Strategic planning is critical to our success, and

  • Economic considerations that we must weigh up as we move forward.

This timely course should have something for everyone to learn more about the many effects of Climate Change. PVSC's Vice President, Bill Fackenthall, and dedicated Curriculum Committee member Nancy Rampe, along with other curriculum members, have accomplished an amazing task in finding such notable presenters.

For the tuition cost of $30.00, PVSC's usual course fee, you will have access to nine sessions presented by twenty experts in this field!

This course is open to all current members of PVSC and other Maine Senior College Network Members.

Each presentation will be recorded, and a link to it will be sent to all registered participants shortly after each session ends. (The recordings will be available for viewing two weeks after each session.)

Registration for MSCN members

Contact Sheila Krautkremer at PVSC (the fee will be adjusted for members of sister senior colleges before registering).

Phone: 207-659-1359 or send her an email.

Members of sister senior colleges need to provide the following information:

  • name,

  • email,

  • phone, and

  • name of your college

Download a PDF

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