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Caring for the Future

Sign up for this exciting International Fall Course!

Caring for the Future

10:00- 12:15 (EDT) 17:00-19:15 (Israel)

Tuesdays Oct.17th - Dec. 5th 2023

Online via Zoom

Maine Senior College Network members are invited to join this unique international Caring for the Future course for free. The original inspiration for this educational opportunity was a small class taught by Bert Cohen and Glen MacWilliams at the South Coast Senior College in Wells, Maine, in 2019. This was an in-person course with five students, followed by a course in Fall 2020 via Zoom with six students.

Bert’s nephew in Israel joined the Fall Zoom class and brought along two other Israelis. Bert, his nephew Larry, and Larry’s friend Morani formed a small team to bring Caring for the Future to Israel. From this small start, we now have the third Caring for the Future course sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

This third course has been expanded to include an intergenerational, international audience to accelerate and scale the movement towards a climate-safe planet. Learn more about this unique opportunity by downloading the attached "Caring for the Future" pdf. Note the pdf includes the course registration link.

Maine Senior College Network

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