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A bit of drama!

OLLI Senior Players

Don't miss this theatrical production put together by the OLLI Senior Players. Featuring skits and dramatic monologues interspersed with remakes of old ads and jingles!

The OLLI Senior Players is a Special Interest Group that usually meets on the Portland campus. When the pandemic struck, they found themselves moving to Zoom. Camaraderie plus dedication to polishing their craft overcame all obstacles as they put this show together!

Elizabeth Guest, the group's artistic director, quickly transcended the technology and guided everyone to focus upon their acting and forget the computers and built-in cameras. The director of the OLLI Senior Players, former professional singer Cheryl Squiers, brought her warm encouragement and fantastic singing voice.

The OLLI Senior players benefited from having Richard Welsh in their troupe. Rich, comfortable with the technical aspects, assisted everyone in mastering Zoom over the ensuing months. The troupe's director, Cheryl Squiers, says of Rich, "Actually, there are times I believe he reached sainthood with all of us with our senior minds just not getting it, but we did learn it!" Rich also managed the recordings featured in this video.

"Performances on Zoom 2021" is 1 hour 38 minutes in length. (Get your popcorn ready!)

Warning: This video is unsuitable for children: *There is one emotionally intense scene depicting a homeless woman. Some performances contain strong language, and there is one drug reference.

Order of Performances plus all the OLLI Senior Players who participated in this project.

  • General Introduction – Elizabeth Guest

  • House of Mirrors - Steve Squiers

  • O'Connell's Wager – Richard Welsh & Denny Dreher

  • Mistress of Ceremonies - Cheryl Squiers

  • Ads & Jingles

  • We Made It Through- Gary McCready & Susan Pickford

  • Mortally Fine - Elizabeth Guest

  • Schitt's Family - Denny Dreher

  • Ads & Jingles

  • *Can You Spare a Dime? - Cheryl Squiers

  • Swim Team - Elizabeth Guest

  • Charm - Anita, Steve, & Gary

  • Ads & Jingles

  • Sylvia - Anita Jones & Sidney Lincoln

  • Gus's Diner - Gary McCready

  • Macbeth Murder Mystery – Richard Welsh & Sidney Lincoln

  • Credits

  • Closing words and thanks from "Mistress of Ceremonies" - Cheryl Squiers

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