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Learning for the fun of it with Maine's Senior Colleges!

Maine's Senior Colleges offer online Zoom classes plus a growing number of face-to-face classes! Visit the MSCN Online page for more information from Maine's Senior Colleges.

Learning for Fun! There are no tests, no papers, and no grades. 


We have 17 Senior Colleges in Maine and 6,500 members across the state.

Each senior college plans exciting, intellectually stimulating non-credit courses (taught by volunteers) and provides a range of exciting learning opportunities for adults over the age of 50. 


Reasonable Fees

Senior colleges charge between $25 to $35 for an annual membership, plus an additional very modest tuition for each course. Scholarships are available.


To find a current class or course offerings in your area:

Visit Find a Senior College. Follow the links to your nearest college; their website will provide more detailed information plus their most current listing of available classes.

The Maine Senior College Network is a program of the University of Southern Maine.




Find a Senior College

Map of Maine showing senior college locations.

Click on the image of Maine (above) to locate your nearest Senior College using an interactive map.


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