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What do you know about Hanukah?

Lewiston-Auburn Senior College Concert on Monday Dec. 14 at 5 PM

What do you know about Hanukah? What does it mean, and how is it celebrated? Rabbi Sruli Dresdner and his wife Lisa Mayer have graciously offered to do a senior college Food for Thought presentation about Hanukah - with music and stories, of course!

International Klezmer personalities Sruli and Lisa have performed on PBS-TV and National Public Radio as well as at festivals, concerts, and synagogues all over the world. They were featured at the Cracow Festival of Jewish Culture in Poland, the Jerusalem Cultures Center, and in Weimar, Germany. They are scholars of Klezmer and Chassidic music and dance and teach workshops at synagogues universities and schools around the country. They are on the Faculty of KlezKanada in Montreal and have performed at the prestigious Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto.

Sruli is currently the spiritual leader of Temple Shalom Synagogue Center in Auburn, Maine where members of the Temple and guests frequently enjoy their delightful music in addition to their shared faith and wisdom.

Save the date: Monday, Dec. 14 at 5 PM

Lewiston-Auburn Senior College invites you to join them in enjoying this concert on Zoom!

The event is free and open to the public; just email by noon Dec. 13. Leave your name, the event, and your email to receive a link and enjoy!

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