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The Indian Kitchen: Crossroads of Cultures


April 9, 2024, 1:00 p.m.

Presented by Sandra Garson

The Indian Kitchen, with its recipes from the steamy wet Tamil tip near the Equator to the snow-sprinkled Himalayan peaks of Mughal Kashmir, is an illustrated history of the great sweep of humanity east and west along the Silk Road, in the spice trade and on religious campaigns. The worldwide spread of modern Indian cooking with its adaptions to local tastes maps the impact of an Indian diaspora. This presentation will focus on how history, geography and human habit made India so tasty, varied - and peaceful compared to other nations.

With her popular catering business, Sandy Garson helped start the local food movement in Maine. She wrote the first ever book to support farmers’ markets, which had a second updated edition. She joined the initial exploratory course in Food History at Radcliffe College and went on to publish articles and a second cook book. She taught food history for the USM OLLI Senior College and runs its food discussions and workshops. She also spoke on The Indian Kitchen for the 2024 Camden Conference.

This presentation is hybrid, at Auburn Public Library and on ZOOM. To get the link, register here: The Indian Kitchen: Crossroads of Cultures (APL) | Lewiston Auburn Senior College (

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