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Systematics: A Discipline that Bridges Time

A Sunrise Senior College Presentation

Why not join Dr. Eric Jones as we welcome him back to delve into the fascinating biological world of Systematics.  Systa-who??, you might ask?  What’s that?  Well, it’s the study of organism identification, classification, and nomenclature. It is concerned with the evolution of organisms' relationships. The classification of organisms into various kingdoms has all been done using Systematics.

This course will introduce you to the biological discipline of Systematics. Work in this discipline has been used to illuminate the history of life on Earth. The course will include philosophical, theoretical, and practical aspects of the discipline.  Students will be introduced to phylograms - “diagrams that describe the relations among organisms” - including their construction and inferences that can be drawn from them.  During this three-session class you will gain insight into the philosophical and theoretical basis of the discipline, have a brief introduction to the methods of phylogenetic inference and explore the applications of Systematics to the broader discipline of biology. 

Instructor:  Dr. Eric Jones is the Associate Professor of Botany at the University of Maine at Machias and director of the UM@M Herbarium. There he teaches Plant Systematics on a regular (biennial) basis. Phylogenetic inference served as a cornerstone for his dissertation work on the mating systems of flowering plants.

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