SAGE Shares Victorian Hidden Women Photos

Tuesday, Oct 26 Time 6:00 - 8:00 PM Fee: $5

To register: Go to and click on SAGE.

Victorian traditions were unique. Photography during that era was equally as different with genres including such unusual practices as post-mortem photography and hidden mothers. The techniques of the day often required lengthy exposure times making it difficult to obtain clear photos of children who had difficulty sitting still that long. As a solution, mothers were often hidden, albeit not well, in the photo to hold the child still. The method often led to creepy end results. It is somewhat spooky just in time for Halloween.

Historian: Kim Smith - Kim Smith serves on the Board of Maine Historical Society and Presque Isle Historical Society, as well as numerous other organizations. Although her master’s is in Business Administration, she loves sharing her passion for local history through interpretive tours, presentations, and exhibits. Kim is also a SAGE board member.

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