Knot II Bragg Farm – Wildcrafting Virtual* Seminar

Tuesdays, March 23 to April 27, 2021

10:00 AM to Noon

$45 to cover the cost of materials, workbook and an edible plant sampling at the herb walk.

Natalia Bragg, a 50+ year herbalist and intuitive healer is delighted to introduce you to some of nature’s oldest blessings and to help you understand that nature holds us all gently in the palm of her hand.

She will take us through the natural healings available for some of the most common conditions and share some of her own family’s herbal secrets.

This is a 6-week course plus an herb walk* at the Knot II Bragg Farm in Wade, Maine once the wild plants are blooming again (probably in late June).

It does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe in any way. This course is meant to be a pleasant introduction to the power and beauty of the natural world around us.

To register, go to and click on the “SAGE” button. Membership in SAGE is required. If you are a member, go to the Knott II Bragg class and register. You can pay online with a credit card.

*It will be recorded if you cannot attend in person.

Seniors Achieving Greater Education (SAGE)

University of Maine at Presque Isle

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