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Instructor for PVSC Spring 2023 Science Fiction and Politics is teaching on Zoom from Qatar campus!

Clyde Wilcox is returning to teach another innovative course for PVSC and our partner senior colleges. Clyde is a professor of government at Georgetown University, this year teaching at the Qatar campus. He has written on a number of topics in American and comparative politics, including religion and politics, gender politics of social issues like abortion, LGBT rights and gun control, money in politics, interest groups, public opinion, and voting behavior. Professor Wilcox has lectured in a number of countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Columbia. He has edited two books on Science Fiction and Politics and has taught a course on the subject in Qatar for several years.

This course will explore political themes in science fiction. Participants will read a number of novels and a few short stories and may be asked to watch movies or television shows that are available on Amazon or Netflix or Youtube. In addition, academic articles and short stories will be provided by the instructor.

Books will include:

Orson Card: Speaker for the Dead - the second book in the Ender Quintet series (A 1986 Nebula Award and 1987 Hugo Award)

Cixin Liu: The Three-Body Problem - the first book in the Three-Body series (A Hugo Award Winner and an NPR Best Book of the Decade)

Iain M. Banks: Player of Games (2nd book in the Culture series)

  1. Call your local library or bookstores to see if you can find the books, or order online in paperback version, e-reader, or audio version.

  2. Members of other Maine Senior Colleges may email Sheila at with your name, email, phone number and your Senior College so the PVSC membership fee can be adjusted. You will then be able to register online, or mail in the form with a check without paying for the membership.

  3. Other course listings for PVSC's Spring 2023 term:

2023 new updated SPRING COURSE SCHEDULE final w locations
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