Having It Your Way

Easy Way to Write an Obituary

Tuesdays, May 4 & 11 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Fee: $0

This is a ZOOM class.

In this at home class, we will learn how to write obituaries and submit them for publication in physical newspapers and online platforms. Participants will leave the class knowing what information a typical obituary should include, formatting, and how to phrase sensitive aspects of a person’s life and death. Class materials include outlines of obituary forms.

Instructor: Andrew Birden

Retired newspaper editor and creator of the Fiddlehead News, Fort Kent

"This is a repeat class. Everyone from the last class agreed that it was a very valuable class to have attended. The Last think anyone wants to do is write an obituary under those conditions so plan ahead to save your family the anguish or you the frustration," says a former student of the class. Join by going to msad1.coursestorm.com and clicking on SAGE.

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