Discuss Democracy

TED TALKS ON DEMOCRACY: Coming your way on ZOOM in the safety of your own home, Tuesdays in February, 9:30 to 11:30. Alice Bolstridge is your fearless facilitator of this SAGE class for seniors. Using Ted Talks and other videos, cartoons, and lots of lively discussion, this course will explore questions about democracy ranging from basic to more complex and thorny issues: What is democracy? Why does it matter? What role does it play in our government? What are the constitutional issues? What are benefits and risks? What are threats to it that pundits keep warning us about? And more as the interests of the class dictate. See how to register here

https://www.umpi.edu/.../uploads/2015/07/sage-brochure.pdf or go to msad1.coursestorm.com also. Want more information, email sageatumpi@outlook.com.

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