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Calling all Travellers on "The Journey from Climate Doom to Active Hope."

OLLI Course:

The Journey from Climate Doom to Active Hope.

With Tom White.

The class meets via Zoom Wednesday, January 10 through February 14, from 12:45 to 2:45 P.M.

The journey continues with revised and updated content. Past participants are welcome to come back to share their thoughts and activities. Tom has revised and updated the course content in two ways, as follows.

1) The last three sessions are entirely new. There is a stronger focus on the collective responsibility of “boomers,” the special intergenerational and critically important role they play, and what they can do as advocates or activists taking direct action.

2) The first three sessions follow the process of cultivating active hope, but much of the material is new, including:

(a) recent scientific reports, climate events, and sociopolitical and economic events—for example, the latest (2023) IPCC and IEA reports, new scientific thinking about tipping points, climate disasters in the summer of 2023, passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022, and COP-28 this month; and

(b) new inspirational essays from Kathleen Dean Moore and other writers, and more “good news” and success stories.

Message from Tom: "With all that is happening (or not happening) on our planet Earth, this course has taken on an even deeper and more heartfelt meaning for me. I would be honored if you would consider enrolling in the class and would also appreciate your telling others about it."

For those who have never taken this course and are curious. You are welcome to join this enjoyable and thought provoking class.

OLLI Course catalog description.

When you think about climate change and ecosystems destruction, do you experience feelings of despair or helplessness? Do you want to leave these negative thoughts and feelings behind and take a thought-provoking journey to “active hope?” In this small, discussion-oriented class, you will explore the ideas of scientists, social scientists, and philosophers who have shown us how we could create a more hopeful story for ourselves. You will consider this question: How can I become more active — and hopeful — in protecting the Earth and ensuring the well-being

of future generations?

Interested? Sign up!

OLLI members can follow the OLLI registration guide here:

Members of other Maine Senior Colleges are welcome to join us.

Your senior college membership is recognised so you only have to pay for the class!

MSCN members should call the OLLI office at Phone: 207-780-4406

Or send an email to

Photo by John Murphy - Courtesy of Unsplash

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