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4-week Teaching Forum: For instructors who are interested in teaching at OLLI!

The Teaching and Learning Committee of OLLI is excited to announce that the new 4-week 2022 Teaching Forum being offered this spring will be FREE to all OLLI & MSCN members.

This forum will be facilitated by four experienced OLLI teachers providing several different perspectives on leading effective, entertaining, and educational courses. The forum facilitators are Buck Benedict, Anne Cass, Nathaniel Larrabee, and Mike Lynch.

The vision and mission of The Forum is to create an ongoing learning community for both our current teachers and those interested in teaching at OLLI. It will offer a place to gather and engage in robust discussions on theme-based topics of teaching and learning and a place to share our knowledge, perspectives, and experiences.

Buck, Anne and Mike will be present for all four sessions, either as a facilitator or as active participants. Nathaniel “Tan” Larrabee will join us to share his experiences and knowledge as he is able. Sessions are scheduled for Mondays from 3 to 5 pm. Here’s the lineup:

Monday, March 14 - Anne Cass, Facilitator

"Creating a Classroom Climate"

Monday, March 21 - Buck Benedict, Facilitator

"It’s not about me…"

Monday, March 28 - Mike Lynch, Facilitator

"Using Technology to Avoid Technology “Pitfalls

Making Technology Work for You"

Monday, April 4 - Buck, Anne, Mike and Tan

"The Role of the Facilitator in Classroom Discussions

The Fine Art of Managing Peers"

At age 87 Michelangelo wrote: I am still learning.

The 2022 Teaching Forum is all about “…still learning.”

Please join us!

Register online or through the Catalog.

Registration for MSCN members

MSCN members can register online through our registration portal (

If you have not used the portal before, please review our registration resources on our website (

Need help registering at OLLI? We are always happy to walk you through the process over the phone, which you can request by writing to or calling the OLLI office and leaving a message at 207-780-4406.

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