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Fall 2022


April 2022


Climate Change Conversations 2022

What are Climate Change Conversations?


The Maine Senior College Network recently launched an initiative called Climate Change Conversations. Colleges across the network will be offering talks and classes that touch upon different aspects of climate change. We will look at how it affects us personally, as Mainers, Americans, and world citizens.

Our What's Happening? page will add the image above to flag offerings that contribute to this ongoing conversation.

The little bird in the graphic is reminiscent of vulnerable birds such as the Piping Plover found on Maine's beaches. And, we have some good news to share regarding this tiny bird with very busy legs. Take a look at Channel 13's short news item for more information "Piping plovers have record year in Maine." (September 15th, 2021)

So, stay tuned for some thoughtful presentations from the colleges. The scale of climate change feels overwhelming, but there are many actions we can take, even if it is only to watch where we are walking on Maine's beautiful beaches.



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